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Black Nielson - Still Life Hear Me (Truck Records 2000)

The Rock of Travolta - My Band's Better Than Yours (Juggernaut Records 2001)

Goldrush - Don't Bring Me Down (Virgin Records 2002)

KTB - All calm in dreamland (Truck Records 2002)

Mark Gardener & Goldrush - Falling Out into the Night EP (Truck Records 2003)

Goldrush - Extended Play (Truck Records 2003)

Black Nielson - The Seahorse Boe (Truck Records 2003)

The Black Madonnas - The Black Madonnas have stolen the moon (Truck, 2005)

Goldrush - Ozona (City Slang / Better Looking 2005)

Electric Soft Parade - The Human Body EP (Truck Records 2005, produced by Tom & Alex White)

Owen Tromans - Your Heart is not Broken EP (Keep Recordings 2005

KTB - Bluebird (Tatinga records 2005)

Electric Soft Parade - No need to be downhearted (Truck Records 2006, produced by Tom & Alex White)

The Epstein - Last of the Ciaranguistas (2007)

Goldrush - The Heart is the Place (City Slang / Better Looking 2007)

Danny & the Champions of the World - Danny & the Champions of the World (Loose Records 2008)

Ralfe Band - Attic Thieves (Loose 2008)

Co-pilgrim - Pucker Up Buttercup (Low Transit Industries 2008)

King Of Spain - Battleships & Aeroplanes (Shifty Disco 2008)

Danny & the Champions of the World - Streets of our time (Loose Records 2009)

Common Prayer - There is a mountain (Big Potato records 2010)

Mat Gibson - Forest Fires (Clubhouse records 2011)

Polly & the Billets Doux - Hold Fast EP (2012)

Dreaming Spires - Brothers in Brooklyn (Clubhouse records 2012)

Owen Tromans - For Haden EP (Sacred Geometry 2013)

Co-pilgrim - Plumes (Battle Worldwide 2014)

Dreaming Spires - Searching for the Supertruth (2015)

Co-pilgrim  - Slows to Go (Battle Worldwide 2015)

Paul McClure - Songs for anyone (Clubhouse Records 2016)

Katy Rose Bennett -  Songs of the River Rea (2016)

Nick Cope - A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs (2016)

Co-pilgrim  -  Moon Lagoon (2017)

Matt Edible & the Obtuse Angels - Stairgazing (2017)

Our humble studio was built in 1999 by the lads from Goldrush, and within hours of the

paint drying, friends Black Nielson arrived to cut their debut LP "Still Life Hear Me"; over the

next 2 years, a succession of singles from both Goldrush & Black Nielson hit the

national airwaves, and the studio's reputation was established. In the years since,

some 100+ records & counting have been through, a selection of which are listed below.


As well as our resident producer & multi-instrumentalist Joe Bennett, we're fortunate to be able to call upon the services of producer & acclaimed songwriter Robin Bennett, and top-class producer/engineer Rowland Prytherch. You can read more about our producers on the Farm Hands page. What they all have in common is their approach to quality control, a pursuit of only the best sounds, the best songs & the best instrumentation, alongside a willingness to experiment. We like to call it good taste(!) as showcased below.


Get in touch via the contact page if you think we might be the right place for you

to make your next record.


Selected Discography: